Reliance Compost Premium bag range now with added Zeolite + Seaweed extract. This product range is ideal for use in all seasons.


Cellburst™ technology uses high-pressure differentials to extract the delicate natural compounds found within the cell-structure of kelp, ensuring a highly effective, environment-friendly, seaweed extract.

Greater root development

Improved Nutrient uptake

Improved drought tolerance

Improved disease resistance

Increased foliar growth

Increased yield

Enables better plant growth

Improves water infiltration and retention

Improves yield

Retains nutrients for use by plants

Improves long term soil quality

Reduces loss of nutrients in soil






We sell bagged products to nurseries and private clients in 15L and 30 L bags. We can bag any product for clients to facilitate easier handling, we even bag product in bulk (500kg / 1000kg) bags if required.


Delivery – Deliveries of bagged product is done on request.  


Testing – We regularly test our products as a control measure for a variety of parameters, but sometimes a client requires specific tests to be done. We will do this for the parameters a client requires. We make use of independent accredited laboratories to conduct these tests.


For any other product or specialized mixes please contact our office.


All product prices quoted on the Reliance website exclude VAT and Transport.  For a complete quotation, please contact one of our Sales Agents, or the Reliance Office at, 0861 888 784.