Compost Equipment – Reliance sells a fully equipped, robust, 3m PTO – driven compost turner, made in South Africa. We also import PTO-driven and self-propelled turners of any required capacity and of the highest quality, for sale to local and any other African client. We had been using some of this equipment in the past ourselves and we regularly travel overseas to manufacturers and their clients to check on new developments to be able to advise our clients informatively. We know and understand African conditions and understand the need for equipment which can work under harsh conditions. We sell compost turners which have pusher-axles installed for use in steeply sloped terrain also. Even electrically-powered models are available from certain suppliers. Fittings to assist with the handling of fleece can also be sourced as imports.


Test Equipment –  A range of test equipment is available, CO₂ and O₂ meters with their specialized probes and the fluid refills, field test kits which can test NO₂, NO₃, NH₄, sulfide, pH (Redox) and all the refills required for it plus an electronic scale, etc. Digital temperature meters with probes made to clients’ length requirements are also in our test equipment range. All refills and parts for the equipment are available from us.


Compost Extract Systems – These systems come in various sizes ranging from 1000L capacity to 4000L capacity and are of a simple durable design. Larger capacity systems can be supplied as we have supplied an 8000L system in the past. The blowers, tanks and diffusers  are matched to provide optimum exposure to oxygen in a specific system configuration. This is a tried and tested system which was developed with the inputs of a microbiologist and European experts in the field. It is easy to maintain and the simple design provides for easy assembly.


Chipping – We can supply contract chipping for large projects.


Advisory Service – We consult throughout Southern Africa of composting projects from private agricultural sites to large municipal sites. We offer consultations, turn key or joint ventures projects.


We are the sole importers of Agri Perrone and Ferrari equipment.  Please see the list of equipment below we have on offer.


All product and equipment prices quoted on the Reliance website exclude VAT and Transport.  For a complete quotation, please contact one of our Sales Agents, or the Reliance Office at, 0861 888 784.










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